Building Your High Tech Dream Home

Customizing Every Detail

2021-03-16Updated: 2022-09-02 Helton Construction

Helton Construction is the expert in custom home building, and we’re also experts in designing and installing high - tech features in the homes we build. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs for built-in technologies and conveniences and then install them from the ground up in their new home.

Custom homes with built - in technologies and energy-saving devices, such as smart-adjusting HVAC/AC systems, Heat Recovery Systems, and tankless water heaters, are up to 25 percent more energy - efficient than homes without these features.

Custom home building in Colorado can be challenging, and building a home with high-tech features can add even more complications to the construction. Working with an experienced professional like Helton Construction assures you of a new home with all the features you need and want, in place and working the day you move in.

Here are details on the most popular high-tech home features we install in the homes we build.

Cat 5 Cabling for Electronics Networks

Cat 5 cabling is essential for computer networks, telephone lines, and video signals, and we can install these cables and jacks in your new home as we build it. By planning the cat 5 cabling during the blueprint phase of construction, you are assured of having the connectivity and in - home wifi signals you need wherever you need them on your property.

Not only does this make the internet more readily available for you and any guests in your home, but in the current state of our world, with many people working from home, these features can also make you more efficient at doing your job. 

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are one of the most popular energy - saving devices people want in their new custom homes. Why spend money heating a 40 or 50-gallon tank of water and keeping it hot all the time when you can heat water on the spot as needed for less cost?

Tankless water heaters don’t store the water they heat, so you no longer have to worry about running out of hot water when someone takes a long shower or does multiple loads of laundry. These hot water heaters require minimal maintenance, and because they don’t have a tank, sediments do not build up over time as they do in a regular water heater. 

Deposits in tank-style water heaters reduce the tank’s storage capacity and waste energy by heating the trapped materials. Regular water heater tanks waste up to 50 percent of the fuel they burn, and tankless water heaters can save up to half the heating water costs in a home.

Smart Adjusting AC/HVAC Systems

Most people who want a custom home are delighted to include a smart HVAC or AC system. Smart adjusting AC and HVAC installations let you control the house’s temperature from anywhere using a mobile device and an app. You can also easily program the system to self-adjust heating and cooling based on time of day, local weather conditions, and your schedule.

There are so many smart HVAC and AC controllers available today, some homeowners get overwhelmed. At Helton Construction, we can help you select the system, features, and products that best match what you need and want in your new custom home.

Smart technology doesn’t stop with HVAC and AC systems. We can also help you design and build a home with complete smart home integration for controlling appliances, security cameras, and everything else controllable using residential WIFI and smart devices.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Heat rises and naturally accumulates in the roof or attic space in a home. Heat recovery systems, also known as heat recovery ventilation or HRV, are technologies and devices for recovering and reusing that heat, saving money on total heating costs, and keeping indoor air fresh, clean, and healthy.

An HRV takes moist air inside the house and extracts the heat from it and then uses this heat to warm fresh air pumped in from outside. The warm fresh air then flows through a network of ducts and vents in the house.

Most HRV systems are installed in an attic or a utility room. The fresh air from outside and the stale air from inside flow through different pipes. The outgoing air and the fresh air exchange heat through a heat exchange interface that keeps the two air flows separate at all times, preventing contamination of the fresh air supply.

Heat recovery ventilation systems are separate from regular heating units, such as furnaces and heat pumps, and they make these appliances run more efficiently. HRV systems let you build an airtight, energy - efficient home that has excellent ventilation through the introduction of room-temperature and fresh air.

An HRV system improves indoor air quality and reduces cooking odors, dust mites, pollen, molds, and toxic off - gasses released from carpets, furniture, and building materials. Heat recovery systems can save a homeowner up to 30 percent on heating costs in winter, and these systems require minimal maintenance.

Whole-House Audio and Custom Theaters

Let us help you design your new custom home to include built-in speakers that blend seamlessly into the building’s architecture and style, so you can enjoy music, podcasts, and radio anywhere in your house or yard, controlling the system with voice commands. 

Many new custom homeowners also want a built-in theater or multi-purpose room for viewing movies, sporting events, and TV shows on a big screen. Surround sound systems, large screens, and comfortable group seating are all options in a custom-built, high-tech home.

Built-In Automated Home Controls

The high - tech custom homes we build also include automated systems for controlling lights, thermostats, security cameras, hot-tubs, and doorbell systems. Helton Construction can build a home that lets you control electrical appliances from anywhere using your tablet, iPhone, iPad, or Droid.

With these high - tech home systems, you can remotely turn lights on and off, see who is ringing the doorbell and talk to them, unlock and relock doors for delivery people or visitors, and make sure your hot tub or sauna is warmed - up before you get home.

Building Your High Tech Custom Home with Helton

Helton Construction offers our clients use of our library of home building information and ideas, so you can learn all about the options for high - tech features, energy - saving devices, and personal conveniences as you plan your project. At Helton Construction, we are the expert home builders in Fremont County, Colorado and surrounding areas. Let us build you the home of your dreams.