Colorado's Historic Low Home Inventory

Helton Custom Homes Are The Answer

2021-05-05Updated: 2022-09-02 Helton Construction

Colorado Custom Home BuilderIt’s no secret that Colorado is the best place to live. Those of us who have lived here all our lives know that our state is special. Our humidity is low. Our fitness is high. We smile at passersby and we get outdoors as often as we can.

We all also know someone who has moved here to become a Centennial State resident. Newcomers are everywhere.

An unfortunate result of this influx is in the availability of homes to buy. According to data gathered by the Colorado Association of Realtors, the state’s inventory of homes for sale is down 70% as of March 31, 2021.

The situation is so dire that there are currently more real estate agents working in Colorado than there are homes for sale.

The record low inventory is the result of several factors: historically low interest rates, a reluctant sellers’ market and a fear of the spread of COVID. Regardless of the reason, however, the result is that there are no existing homes to buy in Colorado.

Escape The Big City

For those looking to build a home in the Denver Metro Area, the inventory of empty, buildable lots has all but disappeared, so it has become increasingly popular to scrape older homes to accommodate the construction of a custom home.

The cost to purchase and scrape a lot is astronomically high, and makes the final price of the constructed home far above what most people are willing or able to pay. 

The people who want to live in Colorado but can’t afford Denver Metro prices are quickly discovering the endless possibilities in Fremont County. Here, they get temperate weather, endless outdoor activities, booming tech opportunities, and a relatively low cost of living.

Cañon City is the best of Colorado and none of the traffic, pollution, and crowdedness of the cities to our north. 

Yet, new home buyers meet the lack of homes to buy when they get here. Fremont County’s real estate market is as affected as the rest of the state. According to the Colorado Association of Realtors’ most current market research, Fremont County’s inventory of homes was down 69.4% at the end of March. On April 27, there were 81 listed single family homes in all of Fremont County.

Custom Homes Built On Your Lot

The solution to the low home inventory problem lies in custom home building.  Professional home builders like Helton Construction assist home buyers in circumventing these frustrating statistics by creating opportunities for buyers to build the dream homes they hold in their heads.

Buyers who build custom homes don't take on the expensive repairs that come with the purchase of an existing home. They don’t have to live with finishes and details that don’t match their own aesthetic.  These buyers can rest assured that their homes are built with serious attention to quality and energy efficiency, and can relax knowing their investments are covered by an extensive home warranty.

They can have the home they want, where they want it.  And, they don’t have to enter into a ridiculous bidding war to get it.

Helton Construction can help ease the burden of home ownership by providing a beginning-to-end, customized home-building experience.  We can provide an assessment to understand the qualities and potential problems of an existing lot. We can help you choose and customize one of the five plans we offer or we can design a unique set of plans around your ideas. 

We are here through every step of the home building process to help you turn the home you see in your head to the one you enter every day.

The low home inventory throughout Colorado will not soon disappear. In fact, as the state lifts COVID restrictions, it may get worse. Let Helton Construction build your next home and create the life you want in Fremont County.