How Climate Controlled Homes Can Save You Money

Building Your Home Efficiently For Extreme Weather

2021-04-05Updated: 2022-09-02 Helton Construction

One of the many benefits of building a custom home is getting maximum control over your home energy costs and indoor climate conditions. A custom - built home can deliver substantial financial savings on energy bills while conserving resources over the home’s life, and keep you and your family comfortable all year long. 

New technologies and advances in building methods and materials now allow for sophisticated solutions for keeping homes comfortable and energy-efficient. Smart-technology control options and appliances can match just about any lifestyle.

Helton Construction in Canon City, Colorado, specializes in designing and building custom homes and Fremont County and around the state. Our homes include built - in automatic and smart thermostats, energy - saving and UV - controlling windows, and advanced, and efficient heating and cooling (HVAC) systems needed for the extreme weather conditions in Colorado.

Helton Construction Knows About Weather Extremes

When you live in Colorado, you learn to dress for rapidly changing weather and heat and cold extremes. At Helton Construction, we build your custom home with the same idea in mind, delivering a finished product meeting your individual needs. We developed our expertise in building for extreme weather conditions over 25 years of building in rugged, high-altitude locations, including Alaska.

Here are some of the ways a custom-home built by Helton Construction can save you money while keeping you and your family comfortable in the weather extremes in Colorado.

How a Custom Home Can Save Money over Time

When we build a custom home, we design and build to conserve as much home energy loss as possible. We accomplish this by using high - quality building materials and installing them properly. We also work with our clients to design and then build - in smart home heating and cooling control features, allowing you to adjust the system to meet your specific needs.

Our dedication to using the highest - quality materials and the best construction methods for extreme weather building can save homeowners as much as 40  thousand dollars in energy bills and HVAC maintenance costs over 20 years. Of course, how much you save depends on the home’s size and how you use the building after it is complete.

For example, installing five light fixtures and bulbs using the highest - rated Energy Star products can save up to 75 dollars a year over lower - quality products. This savings is beyond what you gain from installing superior insulation, an expertly - designed energy - saving HVAC system, and high - quality energy - saving windows and doors.

When we build an extreme - weather custom home, we use a superior - quality thermal barrier under the sheathing of the walls, roof, and floor, keeping hot and cold air where you want it. We do the same in the garage, an area often neglected by other homebuilders. All of these points add up to substantial savings of money and natural resources over the home’s lifetime.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

The type of windows you install in a home is a significant factor in the indoor climate’s overall energy - efficiency and comfort. For this reason, we install only the highest - quality windows in the homes we build. However, our customers select from a wide range in window styles and aesthetics among these top brand manufactures.

Energy - efficient windows have other benefits besides saving money by preventing heat transfer between the outside and inside the house. For example, if your windows do not lose energy, your HVAC system does not have to work as hard. This reduces the HVAC system’s maintenance and repair costs, saving more money and hassle over the long haul.

Windows designed for extreme weather conditions make the indoor environment more comfortable by eliminating drafts and preventing hot - spots. Windows with low - energy ratings create drafts when the cold window panes cool nearby air inside a room.

They also often develop hot - spots in a room when intense summer sun shines through the glass at midday, especially in summer. High - quality windows, installed by experts, do not have these problems.

The potential for condensation on window panes is also significantly reduced when installing high - quality, energy - saving window products. The highest - quality windows also control UV light from the sun, reducing fading of indoor surfaces, such as carpets and rugs, artwork, and furniture. Even paint colors and flooring finishes can last longer and need less maintenance as a result of installing the best window brands.

Last but not least, high - quality, energy - saving windows allow you to build with maximum window area and let in the beautiful views and natural light of the Colorado landscape, making your home environment even more pleasant.

Occupancy - Based Automation of Heating and Cooling

Until recently, controlling the temperature in a home was a matter of manually changing the thermostat setting or pushing a button to set the air conditioner. Old - fashioned thermostats and HVAC systems needed frequent adjusting when temperatures changed from night to day, season to season, and depending on when people were home.

New technology lets you eliminate the need for frequent adjustments of the heating and cooling control systems. Smart thermostats, appliances, and fixtures allow you to pre - set changes or make them remotely using your smartphone. For example, you can:

  • Program lights to go on and off depending on the time of day and occupancy
  • Remotely tell your hot tub to warm up before you get home
  • Pre - set the adjustment thermostats in each room to heat or cool only occupied rooms at specific times of day
  • Make changes to temperature settings, lights, and other fixtures remotely from a smartphone or laptop

Occupancy - based HVAC systems and other innovative technology can save you additional money over what you save by building the roof, walls, and floor of your custom home with the highest quality energy - saving materials and building methods. We build our extreme weather custom homes so you get the right temperature where you want it, when you want it, using the least energy and giving you maximum control over the indoor climate and comfort level.

Let Helton Construction be the experts to build you your extreme - weather, Colorado, custom - home.