Why Home Building Experience Matters

Helton Construction's Decades Of Experience Will Benefit Your Custom Built Home

2022-02-17Updated: 2022-09-02 Helton Construction

Constructing a custom home from scratch takes many different areas of expertise. Professional home builder, Wendell Helton, has perfected systems for bringing them all together when building your perfect home. You get to pick out all of the most important things you want in a home and Wendell will take care of all of the hardest parts of making your dreams come true. 

At Helton Construction, we have decades of experience in building homes and knowing exactly what needs to be done to create a quality result. Take a close look at why you should hire an experienced home builder for your next project or custom build. The results will be worth your time and effort.

Experienced Home Builders Save You Time and Money

Homeowners may think that hiring an experienced home builder is expensive, but the opposite is true. Once you account for mistakes that cost money to be fixed, it's actually more expensive to hire someone who doesn't have much experience under their belt. 

With experience comes the knowledge of the precise materials and techniques that must be applied to your custom build. For example, Helton Construction arrives at every site with the proper tools and materials every time. Multiple trips to the home-improvement store aren't necessary. As a result, the completed project is done right the first time. Extra time to rework any mistakes doesn't occur with the experienced home-building professionals at Helton Construction.

Proper Documentation

Experienced home builders are important because they are licensed, insured and bonded. You should always hire a home-building professional because these companies have the required documentation.

At Helton Construction, you can always ask for our license number and check on our validity with the state, which verifies our business practices. Our crew is also insured and bonded. Without this protection, injuries occurring on your property might lead to expensive lawsuits and delays.

Our coverage protects our employees and your financial well-being. Any issues are taken care of internally, and they won't impact your home's quality or completion date. Dealing with inexperienced crews may lead to real, legal troubles for you. And this is something you don't need in the middle of what can already be a stressful time.

Quality Workmanship

There are countless numbers of shortcuts to any home-building project, and most of these tactics compromise the quality of work. Our experienced crew has exemplary workmanship.

They know how to build, adjust and finish a project so that it looks perfect every time. Most of the skills needed for a ground-up home build take years and years of experience to refine. Helton Construction has the top workers in the industry who know the materials being installed like the back of their hand. 

We don't cut corners just to finish the job. You can only expect excellent craftsmanship and beautiful results from our construction crew.

Knowledge of Permits and Building Codes

An experienced home builder obtains every permit necessary for a job. Any costs associated with the permits are carefully listed in the contractual quote. In fact, many projects can't start without these permits in the first place.

No customer should be responsible for obtaining the permits on their own. This practice is questionable in the contracting industry where professionalism is key. Helton Construction also knows and follows all building codes for Fremont County, or any other Colorado location where we may constructing your dream home. If an inspection is needed by a third party, our crew verifies all codes before completion.

Professional Contractual Agreements

With our experienced crew, you always receive a written contract. We lay out every detail of your custom built home so that there's no question about design, materials, cost or time. An inexperienced crew cannot back up anything in writing, so handshake agreements are often the norm.

Avoid this scenario as someone looking to have a custom home built. The results can be costly. The contract holds everyone responsible for their part in the legal document. Any disagreements are typically smoothed out with the contract supplying the answers. At Helton Construction, we always draw up a fair contract.

Contact Helton Construction today for a bid on your custom built house. Wendell Helton has serviced his community for more than two decades with his building, contractor and construction management knowledge. He's proud to build dream homes for residents of Fremont County, Colorado and beyond.