Why should I have a custom home built instead of buying an existing home?

There are many benefits to buying a newly constructed custom home over existing homes for sale.

  1. Low Cost of Maintenance
    With less to worry about and fewer unexpected out-of-pocket expenses after move-in, you can spend time enjoying your new home and exploring your new community rather than making repairs and updates to an existing home.

  2. Convenience of Move-In Ready
    With a new construction home, you can trust everything is updated, your plumbing will work and you won’t have any foundation problems that must be fixed before you can move into the home.

  3. High-Rated Energy Efficiency
    With modern construction and the integration of advanced technologies comes the added benefit of energy efficiency. New construction homes are built with the latest advances in construction materials and building practices, which can give new homeowners the benefit of reduced monthly utility bills.

    Higher energy efficient heating & cooling systems and on-demand water heaters that never run out of hot water! Whole house ventilation that we offer to keep your family safe & comfortable!

  4. The Protection of a New Home Warranty
    Just like when you purchase a new car, a new construction home – and everything in it – often comes with a warranty. This means you can buy with confidence knowing the builder will cover the cost of any issues during the warranty period, such as a leaky roof or broken water heater. This is unlike a pre-owned home where you may not know about hidden defects or problems until after you’ve purchased the home – and you’re left with the bill.

  5. Modern Floor Plans and Designs for How You Live
    New construction home is a bright and welcoming experience from the moment you walk in the front door. Often with a wide open floor plan, many new homes boast tall ceilings that give a spaciousness you can’t always find in an existing home.

    They are also thoughtfully designed for the way people need and want to live. An open eat-in kitchen with raised bars & island creates the optimal place to gather with friends and family, and bedrooms and bathrooms are strategically placed to keep every family member or guest happy.

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