Telling You What A Free Estimate Won't

2020-12-03 | Helton Construction

Nearly every homeowner we meet with is grappling with or is anxious about the same things related to their custom home or remodeling project. Foremost on their mind - “Is my project going to go over budget or will I be surprised by hidden costs after we get started?” There are plenty of stories about nightmare projects that came in at double or three times the original estimate. Another thing on people’s minds is, “Am I going to get what I want / need and will it be high quality?” Homeowners also want to make sure that they won’t be... Read More

Improving Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

2020-09-01 | Helton Construction

Home buyers are dramatically increasing their knowledge of indoor air quality. Yes, viruses and other illness causing pollutants are the most discussed aspect of poor indoor air quality, but mold, mildew, VOCs, and cooking byproducts are also a large part of the conversation. A new study shows that two-thirds of respondents are growing worried about the air they breathe at home. Even if you wanted to, it would be impossible to ignore the conversation happening around indoor air quality. The current COVID-19 pandemic is permeating every aspect of life and causing people to pay more attention to their indoor environments.... Read More

Let's Build You a Ranch House

2020-07-06 | Helton Construction

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. We’ve all heard that saying, and even though it might be sort of a pathetic mindset (never being satisfied with what we’ve already got), I admit I sometimes think that way too. It’s not that I’m generally an envious person, or that I think I’ve been short-changed by life. It’s just that there are a few things that I would like to have…but don’t. For example, if I were to make a list, my top four greener grasses would probably be: no gray hair six pack abs 17"... Read More

No More Ugly White Grates

2020-05-01 | Helton Construction

Learn how to make your garden tub installation much more attractive with a magnetic tile trick over a standard white metal grate to unify the appearance of the tub front, while maintaining easy access to all of the plumbing components. In this situation, the plumber had installed the hot and cold faucets backwards. In order to build an access panel that matched the rest of the tile, we used magnets affixed to the back of the tile. This way you can avoid ugly white metal grates, but still have the plumbing access that you need.  View our custom built... Read More

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